From the desk of the General Secretary
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"Education is the most powerful tool to change the world."

I extend my warm welcome to all the members of the school community and congratulate them for the excellent performance of our students in all fields. Our children are our future that will lead to a healthy and prospering society. It is the belief that each student in each classroom should be healthy, safe, cared, supported, challenged and motivated.

Our attempt is to encourage the formation of the ideas and develop creative thoughts. Children are given enough exposure to enrich their knowledge and spread their wings of imagination to excel in all fields. It is endeavour of our school to create the best possible learning environment towards achieving excellence in academics and other fields with global perspective.

To achieve these objectives, we provide resources and healthy environment for the tender saplings to grow into trees. We strive to teach our young ones how to succeed in today's competitive world, without losing values and discipline. We believe that our real education should open one's mind to a constant process of learning because human beings should never cease to learn and imbibing this in the students leads to real education.

The school is a platform of excellent quality education, where the child will get enormous opportunities to unfold his /herinnate potential and to develop him /her into responsible and respectful citizen, who can contribute positively for the good cause of humanity. We strive to excel in every field.The institution aims to serve as a light house giving light to all the coming generations and leading the way to excellence. I wish you all the best for the coming years.

Mr. B. Jain
General Secretary

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