Awards System

The school awards the students for their achievements in the field of Academics. Co-Curricular activities and Sports.

The Annual Award

These are given for three categories

Best Student of the class

This award is given class-wise. The selection is based on the student’s performance in academics, co-curricular activities, regularity in school and discipline. The student who stands first is selected for the award.

Best in Academics

This award is also given class-wise. The student who scores highest Grand total marks in all the exams in all the sections of a particular class is selected for the award.

100% Attendance Award

This award is also given class-wise. In order to encourage regularity of students in school this award has been introduced. The student who has 100% attendance in the year is selected for the award.

G.K Award

The G.K Award is given in three categories Class-wise, Group-wise and School Topper (Seniors and Juniors).

In order to develop G.K awareness among students, an exam is conducted at the year-end which is based on G.K questions asked in assembly every day. The student scoring highest marks in his/her category is selected for the award.

Sponsors Award

Sponsors Award

In order to encourage students to excel in all fields awards are given to all-rounder students. The awards are sponsored by Smt Dakuben Saremalji Sancheti Charitable Trust, Nadol. The school students are divided in four groups and one student is selected from each group for the award. The selection is based on their performance in Academics, Co-curricular activities, Regularity in school, their behavior and discipline.

The award consists of a certificate, a trophy and a cash prize.
Inter-house competitions are organized on regular basis for which certificates are awarded.
In the field of sports Best Sports Person of the class is awarded.

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