About School

A dedicated, exclusive, leading Institute of Education in the area managed by Rajasthan Medical society and Research Centre. H.C.Bafna International School is the result of vision and efforts of The Rajasthan Medical Society And Research Centre, Sumerpur to have an educational institution par excellence. The generous donations from late Dr Mohalal Bafna from Cleveland U.S.A, originally from Sadri, Dist: Pali , Rajasthan, gave shape to this vision. Today the school provides excellent academic and co-curricular crust so as to develop within a child overall capability to lead Global World. It is an Institute that believes in quality Education. It is an English Medium School with communicating and working language as English and also holds other activities as per Global Requirements.

School is situated in clean, pollution-free environment. An eco-friendly, fresh, blissful environment with airy, spacious and never-ending serenity of nature.

The school plans to develop best features facilitating teaching - learning process for the overall development of a child. The school blends the traditional teaching methodology with the latest technical aids as smart classes, on line tests and learning as well.

School Motto

Education for Enlightenment

To create a strong dependable, futuristic, techno-friendly humane, value oriented and traditionally rooted citizen of the globe. The entire purpose of education is not to restrict itself to imparting bookish knowledge only but inculcate humanitarian values like wisdom, compassion, courage, humility, integrity and reliability in a student. The education should turn a student into an enlightened individual.

School Song

"We are Bafanites
Marching through the gallaries of ignorance
Lighting the candle of knowledge
Bringing the winds of change
Writing new stories
Carrying old values and relevant tradition
Getting the wings of skill to fly
Exploring the world and scaling new heights
Walking together in the journey of learning
Caring, sharing, loving and enriching
Leaving behind the fragrance of humility
Making fresh attempts
We are Bafanites
We are Bafanites and we know it
We are Bafanites and we will do it
We are Bafanites give three cheers to ourselves ."

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